Letters to the editor Bypass closing access to trails

Fellow equestrians, the new bypass opens roads to cars, pedestrians and cyclists but closes roads to horses.

How could they put a bypass around town and not consider a safe passage or access for horses to BLM land in an area of town that is predominately horse property? Is it true that Carson City officials do not consider horses a mode of transportation? Isn't that how original settlers got to Carson City in the first place?

What do they consider the Sheriff's Mounted Unit? Or even Search and Rescue, which uses horses out in remote areas? Are they just considered transportation when it's convenient for city officials?

We are not asking for access to ride our horses to go to the shopping centers. We are asking for the right-of-way easements that equestrians have used for more than 150 years.

For those of you who think this may be an exaggeration, the Overland, the California and Pony Express trails are just a few of the historic trails that we will lose access to.

These issues will be decided at upcoming public meetings that will be announced soon. We encourage fellow equestrians and residents in the southeast part of town to come out and hear the answers for themselves.

This is a wake-up call to all equestrians. This city's transportation development thought process, like a cancer, will eventually affect all equestrians across Northern Nevada.

Come show your support!


becky sarnowski

tracy lea mcleod

john roberts

sharon fredlund

Carson City

Use Hawthorne base for nuclear storage

If in fact the Hawthorne storage depot is closed, it certainly will be tragic for those who lose their jobs and the town.

Whether the decision to tag the base for closure is unbiased or is, in fact, a political punishment for Sen. Reid's obstructionism or the state of Nevada's resistance to the Yucca Mountain project will never be disclosed by the people who know.

There is a course of action that could be taken to save the base. Gov. Guinn, with the concurrence of the people in Hawthorne, could propose to the federal government that the base be converted to a temporary nuclear waste storage depot.

During World War II, the people in our country demonstrated that they could work together to achieve a common goal.

Today, environmentalists, the politicians they support, trial lawyers, bigots and naysayers tend to polarize the population and contribute to the degradation of our economy and country.

Energy independence should be the present common goal of our country. The expanded use of nuclear energy should be a major part of the energy policy.

Natural gas is being depleted by electric power plants, even though our country has the largest coal reserves in the world.

If you are opposed to coal and nuclear energy, then you should stop carping about high gasoline and natural gas prices.


Carson City

Reid's personal attacks a disgrace

Your readers may recall a recent campaign slogan directed toward the re-election of Harry Reid, specifically, "Harry Reid, Independent Like Nevada." Unfortunately, his post-election performance on the national scene suggests a designation as "Harry Reid, the Partisan Obstructionist" would be much more appropriate.

As Senate minority leader, he bears major responsibility for the fact that little of consequence has been accomplished in recent congressional sessions.

Major issues that are in the national interest, e.g., Social Security, immigration, tax code, fiscal deficit, etc., have not received the bilateral attention that is needed for resolution.

Rather, current administration's proposals are met with vitriolic objection, negative innuendo and misleading interpretations. Counter-proposals are conspicuously absent that could provide a basis for compromise and bipartisan resolution.

An ever-increasing number of Nevadans are embarrassed by Sen. Reid's modus operandi. Some even feel he is a disgrace to our great state. His personal attacks on members of the administration and nominees certainly bolster this growing concern.

As the minority party's chosen Senate leader, it is time for a fresh, new, constructive approach in fulfilling the responsibilities of his position.

Also, he should be ever mindful of the fate that befell his immediate predecessor, Tom Daschle, when the South Dakota electorate concluded that his job performance was substandard in the national interest.


Carson City


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