Parking-lot robber caught pounding the pavement

Thomas Diaz, 37, suspected of a robbery Thursday of a pregnant woman in the SlotWorld parking lot on Highway 50 East, was picked up Friday night after being recognized by two Carson City sheriff's deputies.

Diaz was arrested at Brown Street and North Edmonds Drive just after 7:30 p.m.

"The deputies were on patrol and here comes (Diaz) just walking down the street with a couple of guys," Sheriff Kenny Furlong said. "He couldn't have made it a whole lot easier."

As he was searched, deputies allegedly found a white metal device with a small bag of methamphetemine on his person.

Diaz was arrested and charged with suspicion of felony robbery and possession of methamphetemine.

Bail was set at $102,500.

According to police reports, Diaz allegedly followed a woman outside the casino to the parking lot. There, he allegedly reached into her car as she was backing out of her parking space and snatched a wad of money from her hand before fleeing on foot.


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