Airport board to mull over front gate property a little longer

After a disappointing go at the bidding process, the Carson City Airport Authority has decided not to seek more bids to lease 250,000 square feet in front of the Carson City Airport until after the board decides what it would like to see in that area.

Steve Tackes, legal counsel for the Airport Authority, said the board will begin planning what it would like to see, design the entrance and then bring it back to bid.

The airport land is owned by the city, but it's under the management of the Airport Authority.

"The Airport Authority wants a nice professional appearance at the entrance of the airport," Tackes said. "The problem is that you have to take the stuff that's already out there and turn it into something nice."

The board considered only one offer made by the Reno-based Ribeiro Companies for 8 cents per square foot, which equals a monthly rent of $1,247. The company submitted plans to the airport authority in late May to develop a retail/light industrial center on the seven acres in front of the airport.

The board rejected the bid on May 25 because Ribeiro's offer was substantially less than the 30 cents per square foot the board had requested. But Tackes said it's difficult to quantify the worth of the lease because so many factors have to be taken into consideration.

Ribeiro's offer also included giving the Airport Authority 1,500 square feet in one of the new buildings and a share in the profit of the gas station.

According to the company's resume, which it submitted to the airport authority as part of the bid proposal process, it has developed aviation-related properties in Clark County. The company has also developed Carson Quail Park on South Carson and Rhodes streets and several commercial/office spaces in Reno.

Airport Manager Yvon Weaver said it's possible that Ribeiro would've given a higher bid if given the opportunity.

"It's done," she said. "They let the fish off the hook."

A representative with the Ribeiro Companies could not immediately be reached for comment.

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