Starting the forward motion

The initiation of the forward swing from the completed back swing position is a critical part of the golf swing.

This part of the swing determines if the club will swing through impact on the correct path or not. This is also a misunderstood part of the swing and the goal of today's column is to clarify and simplify the correct form with some clear images of sound technique.

As discussed in previous columns the shoulders must rotate around the spine angle formed at the start position. This means that as the shoulders rotates from the completion of the back swing the left shoulder will remain lower than the right.

The shoulders rotate just a few inches to initiate the forward swing, the left shoulder moves to the left slightly without lifting up. At the same time the hips also rotate almost back to the position they occupied at the start position.

You may have noticed that I have not mentioned the hands, arms or club; the reason for this is that we want the hands, arms and club to simply respond to the rotation of the body. They should be passengers riding the momentum created by the athletic movement of the body.

This subtle rotation of the body has resulted in the arms and club moving down a foot or so. The simple reference point is the arms and shoulders are all on a plane parallel to one another.

This is quite technical stuff but not too difficult to practice at home with the use of a mirror. Simply complete the back swing and then turn the shoulders around the angle of the spine just a few inches (a reverse of the back swing).

The hips also turn back to the start position. Check the position and learn the angles using the mirror. Remember that this is great homework but horrible golf course thoughts, as mentioned before, distinguish between playing and practicing without mixing the two.

Terry Gingell is the Director of Instruction at the Genoa Lakes Golf Club and Resort. For information regarding golf lessons for adults and juniors, call Terry, 690-7970. Junior golf camps and sports camps are also offered at Eagle Valley Golf Courses.


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