Highway 50 near Zephyr Cove reopens

Highway 50 is now open following a four-vehicle accident at Logan Shoals and Highway 50 near Zephyr Cove this morning that sent six to the hospital, including an infant.

Two CareFlight helicopters took two of the victims to Washoe Medical Center in Reno, including the mother of the infant. Four victims, including the infant were transported by ambulance.

The infant was in a child safety seat and appeared uninjured but was taken to the hospital for observations, said Douglas County Sheriff's Lt. Keith Logan.

The condition of those injured is unknown, though injuries were said to be "extensive" according to one patrol officer at the scene. The Nevada Highway Patrol is investigating the accident.

Both directions of Highway 50 were closed until about noon as rescue crews worked to help the injured. Debris was reportedly strewn across three lanes of traffic.

The accident, which happened at about 10:05 a.m. Friday morning involved four vehicles, though one received minor damage. Several Nevada Department of Transportation workers were standing near the side of the road when the accident occurred. None of them were injured, Logan said.

Logan said the Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District should be commended for their efforts in getting to the victims.

"Tahoe Douglas did two extensive and unique extractions. It was top notch all they way," he said. "They took to the scene and carefully removed the victims for medical treatment. It was phenomenal to watch them work in this situation."

Motorist Steve McHugh, who drove past the accident scene minutes after the CareFlight helicopters took off said the area looked like a "war zone" with a large utility van or truck on its wheels and two other vehicles wrecked beyond recognition.

"There's bound to be some fatalities and horrible injuries. You don't have this kind of accident happen and people just walk away," said McHugh, a South Shore attorney.

He said the accident appeared to be head-on and that perhaps one of the vehicles crossed the double yellow line into other traffic. The accident could have been avoided had their been a concrete center divider wall, he said.

"They have the center divider on the valley side but not on the lake side of Highway 50," McHugh said. "How many more accidents is it going to take before Nevada transportation officials realize that the center divider is needed?"


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