BAC members urge directors' board changes

After years without a membership meeting or board of directors election, some members of Carson City's Brewery Arts Center are looking to bring membership back into how its run.

"This isn't about people, it's about procedure," said BAC member Chris Bayer, who helped organize an informal meeting of the center's members and its board to urge a return of elections and a reform of the board's bylaws to help the organization run smoother.

None of about 50 BAC members could pinpoint exactly when the organization started to become less and less organized, but a few said it seemed to start after longtime executive director Joe McCarthy, now Carson City's redevelopment manager, left more than three years ago.

"I can't answer those questions because I wasn't here then. I know there's been a lot of transition since Joe left," said BAC board chairwoman Susan Crowell.

Last month, the BAC hired a new director, John Procaccini, to replace Phil Caterino, who left to take another job after more than a year.

Procaccini said the center's paperwork, finances and organization are still a bit of a mess, but the reasons for it include rapid growth, rather than untrustworthy management.

"There were many things that got us here, none of which had any malice," Procaccini told members. "It was just an ambitious growth plan"

With a petition calling for elections circulating among BAC members, Crowell said the board has decided to appoint members to fill the six open seats, some of which have been vacant for years.

The new BAC directors will be John Griffin, Bruce Robertson, Vince Gates, Linda Johnson, Paul Taggart and Anita Whitmore.

The board will also hold a membership meeting in August, she said.

Bayer had been pushing for an election at the next membership meeting. But Crowell said the newly appointed members will likely serve a normal, three-year term, and no other director's term is set to expire this year.

Next year, there will be two seats up for election, he said.

Although he expressed support for current board members, Bayer urged an election for all 11 seats. Most members at Tuesday's meeting argued that only the six vacancies should go up for a vote, saying the BAC needs some continuity. Bayer argued the center's bylaws mandate an election for all 11 seats, however, the same bylaws also allow the board to appoint people to fill its vacancies.

"I just hope the board takes the ideas we've talked about here tonight and acts on them," Bayer said after the meeting.

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