Changes recommended in neighborhood

Carson City planning commissioners voted Wednesday to support a change in the zoning and the character of an 11-acre section of the city championed by area residents.

Owners of vacant property in the two-block area between Graves Lane and Brown Street have expressed interest in building apartments or condominiums there, with a little business possibly even in the mix. City officials have said it would be a good spot for high-density housing.

Residents who spoke at a public hearing on the topic in April, and again Wednesday night, agreed, saying it's a good spot to add anything that would change the neighborhood's dynamics.

Doris Swift, who lives in the neighborhood, has lauded the idea of more residents there, "as long as we don't try to get too much crammed in there.

" To give commissioners an idea of the neighborhood as it is, she read off a list of events in the area from the day before: a fire and three police visits to three different addresses.

"The whole area is just a big drain on services for the city," Swift said.

The proposal to rezone the land from low-density mobile homes to high-density residential will now go to city supervisors for approval.


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