City set to raise property tax rate again

The deadline to return property vouchers to the Carson City Assessor's Office is Monday. After that, homeowners will have to seek out adjustments to their property tax rates at the office of city Treasurer Al Krammer.

Assessor Dave Dawley said Friday he will submit the tax roll to the treasurer's office Monday, and that tax bills will be sent out to property owners about July 15.

Property owners "will have to deal with the treasurer's office in order to get the cap afterwards," he said. "We've had a really good response - probably about 90 percent."

A cap on property tax increases passed by the Legislature makes it important for assessors across the state to determine whether a home is a primary residence or used as rental property.

The new law caps increases on residential taxes at 3 percent and on commercial taxes at up to 8 percent, or 5.4 percent in Carson City. Rental homes are considered commercial, for property tax purposes.

Carson City sent out verification forms to 15,644 homeowners, asking them to vouch for which type of property they have. Homes the city doesn't received a voucher from will be assessed at the 5.4 percent rate.

The 2005-06 rate was set in mid-May, but will be rescinded Thursday by the Board of Supervisors because final certification wasn't made by the Nevada Tax Commission until Wednesday.

On Thursday, supervisors will again vote on the 2005-06 property tax rate for Carson City, which is $2.6435 per $100 of assessed value - 1-ten-thousandth of a cent lower than the 2004 rate, and one-ten-thousandth of a cent lower than the rate approved in May.

Tax rate

Tax rate per $100 of assessed value for 2005-06: $2.6435

Tax rate per $100 of assessed value for 2004-05: $2.6436

Base rate

2.6120 of this -

Schools receive: .75 for operating

.47 for debt

State collects .17

State medical indigent .0150

Hospital indigent .10

Regional juvenile

facility .0115

Carson City operating rate .9506

Seniors .05

City capital projects .05

City debt .0321

Cooperative Extension .0128

Additional tax rates imposed by different inner-city districts can increase rates to $2.7435 per $100 of assessed value for the South Carson Redevelopment area and the area including the Eagle Valley Water Subconservancy and the Sierra forest fire districts, the highest-taxed areas of the city.


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