Briefcase- Junette Kelly

Nevada Singles

Junette Kelly, owner

To contact, send a SASE to P.O. Box 20451, Carson City 89706

What I actually do: Social event coordinator for singles club.

Where I grew up: Southern California.

My most memorable business experience: My most memorable experience is people who used to be in the club in the early 1990s, they are calling and wanting to be members again. I had five marriages in the club earlier, and several are back in now - one is a widow and the others are divorced. We have a social every Friday night and three events every month.

Family: I have two sons that live here in Nevada and a daughter in Seattle.

Best advice I have ever gotten: Sing like no one can hear you, dance like no one can see you, and love like you've never been hurt.

A book everyone should read: "Are You the One For Me?" by Barbara DeAngelis.

My inspiration: It's not natural to be on your own, so my inspiration is to get people together.


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