Keeping your golf game parallel

Start improving your ball striking by developing an understanding of the correct club position through impact.

The best reference point is where the club has reached parallel to the ground past impact. If you are in a good position at this stage of the swing you can be fairly sure you were in a good position at impact.

When the club is parallel to the ground it should be pointing at the target and on a line parallel to the line of the toes. The hands should be at belt high. The club head must be no higher than the hands. The leading or front edge of the club should be vertical.

At this point the body should be facing the target. The height has remained constant although the head has been allowed to rotate. The right knee has moved laterally and is almost alongside the left. The right heel has moved in and is off the ground.

This is an excellent position to practice. Simply swing back a few feet and swing through to this position.

Practice at home using a mirror until comfortable. On the driving range use a pitching wedge and hit a few balls with this short swing, the ball should fly no more than 30 yards. As you get the feel for this drill you are training yourself to maintain a square club face through impact - one of the key components to consistent golf.

This drill takes some practice to master but is well worth the diligence. This is not something you should think about on the golf course. Practice on the range allowing the good technique to become instinctive.

Terry Gingell is the Director of Instruction at Genoa Lakes Golf Club and Resort. For information on golf lessons and junior golf camps, call Terry, 690-7970


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