More volunteers needed for annual Kid's Derby

The 16th annual Kids' Fishing Derby will be held at Lampe Park in Gardnerville on June 4-5.

There is a need for additional volunteers to help with that event.

Those volunteers are needed to support the many activities of that huge two-day event, which will involve a total of 2,400 youngsters.

Some of the activities are:

Manning the registration desk for each session.

Supplying "loaner" fishing poles and reels to youngsters who don't have their own equipment.

Baiting fishing hooks.

Manning the entry gates.

Untangling lines, snarls or snags.

Netting fish.

Cleaning the trout after they are caught.

Working in the snack wagon selling food and drinks or cooking hamburgers and hot dogs.

If you would like to volunteer your services, call either Co-Chair Person Pam Rodrigues at home at 265-1795 or Co-Chair Person Scott Etchison at 267-2038.


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