In recognition of the citizens of Carson City

As part of the annual Community Awards presented by the Nevada Appeal and Carson Access Television on Friday, special recognition was given to the residents of Carson City as a whole for their ceaseless contributions. The nominating letter below was written by Frank Taylor, a retired Nevada Department of Transportation employee who serves on the Appeal's reader panel.

By Frank Taylor

Carson City is a wonderful, caring and sharing community, and a special place to live because of its citizens.

Over and over, throughout the years, these citizens pulled together at times of community crisis, have donated time, services, and money to help the less fortunate, either through membership in the many charitable organizations that abound in Carson City, or quietly and anonymously as individual citizens; and have supported and participated in activities and programs that have elevated Carson City to high standards of excellence in education, health, police and fire protection, senior and youth programs, and spiritual worship of choice.

Just a few examples of Carson City citizen's benevolence, caring and generosity are:

n The tremendous amount raised by community donations for the victims and workers after 9/11, our own Waterfall fire and tsunami relief

n The raising, in one day by anonymous donations, enough to purchase a special bicycle for Glen Lucky;, to send Justin Riker to Washington, D.C., for his school project completion; and to purchase a prosthetic leg for a local dancer, Alicia Karau

n The support of the many charitable fund-raisers that allow the sponsoring organization to assist the needy and less fortunate of our community

n The often-unnoticed acts of kindness such as shoveling your elderly neighbor's driveway, delivering food and supplies to the home-bound, and donating food, clothing, and money to deserving recipient organizations.

Acts such as these are repeated routinely and continuously by the good citizens of Carson City.

For all the citizens of Carson City, those who work in government, police and fire, etc, who perform these charitable acts in performance of their duties; those who belong to charitable organizations and raise funds for the needy; those retailers who support Carson's organizations and programs for the needy; and especially those citizens who individually and anonymously come forth when the need is known, this special recognition award is for you, the citizens of Carson City, for providing service to your fellow man and making Carson City better and a great place to live.

- Frank Taylor


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