Legislature Calendar for May 18

8 a.m.

• Assembly Government Affairs, Room 3143. Work session.

• Assembly Judiciary, Room 3138. Bill to be heard: SB341.

• Senate Finance-Assembly Ways and Means Joint Subcommittee, Room 3137. K12 Human Resources budgets

• Senate Finance-Assembly Ways and Means Joint Subcommittee, Room 2134. General Government budgets

• Senate Commerce and Labor, Room 2135. Work session.

11 a.m.

• Assembly floor session.

1:30 p.m.

• Assembly Health and Human Services, Room 3138. Bills to be heard: SB281, SB410, SB410, SB458.

• Assembly Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Mining, Room 3161. Bill to be heard: SB208.

• Senate Human Resources and Education, Room 2135. Bills to be heard: AJR6, AB380, AB493.

2 p.m.

• Assembly Commerce and Labor, Room 4100.

• Senate Government Affairs, Room 2149. Bill to be heard: AJR1. Upon adjournment of Assembly Commerce and Labor.

• Assembly Ways and Means, Room 3137. Bill to be heard: SB303.

3:45 p.m.

• Assembly Education, Room 3142. Bill to be heard: SB78.

5 p.m.

Senate Finance, Room 2134. Bills to be heard: AB113, AB438, SB510, SB511.

Source: Nevada Legislature Online (www.leg.state.nv.us). All rooms are in the Legislative Building, 401 S. Carson St.


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