Children's Museum includes 33 exhibits

The Children's Museum is a safe place for parents or grandparents to interact with their children with more than 33 permanent exhibits.

Did you know the first Saturday of each month is Grandparents Day? When a grandparent visits the Children's Museum of Northern Nevada with one or more grandchildren on the first Saturday of the month, the grandparent's admission is free, and the admission price for each grandchild is $3. How's that for a senior discount?

Originally, the Children's Museum building was constructed in 1939. The building was a Public Works Administration project designed by architect L.A. Ferris.

The building was called the Civic Auditorium. It was the center of activity for Carson City with half-court basketball games, junior high and high school dances, plays and meeting places for Brownies and Girl Scouts for a number of years when Carson City was the smallest capital in the United States.

By the way, the words "Civic Auditorium" are still on the front of the building, which is registered with the National Registry for Historic Preservation.

If you have never visited the Children's Museum or if it has been a while, you really need to visit us with one or more of your children or grandchildren.

Its motto is: "The Children's Museum, where discovery and fun go together."

n Ken Beaton is executive director of the Children Museum of Northern Nevada. Call the museum at 884-2226.


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