Kudos come from Capitol Hill and capital city for reluctant hero

A Carson City man's heroism has garnered him recognition from Capitol Hill and a token of appreciation from Carson City deputies.

Congressman Jim Gibbons, R-Nev., will present Loren Boyles, 54, with a Congressional Certificate of Appreciation and give a speech on the floor of the House of Representatives in Washington, D.C., in his honor Wednesday.

Boyles, a car salesman on his way to work, intervened in a scuffle Saturday between Deputy Wayne Gray and a man talking to himself in a field. Gray lost his footing when the man allegedly attacked and he wrestled away the deputy's baton.

Just as he was preparing to strike Gray, Boyles caught the man by his neck and took him down.

"Loren Boyles represents the best in the people of Nevada. He was not afraid to intervene in what was undoubtedly a dangerous situation to save the life of Deputy Gray. His bravery and heroism is commendable and his modesty laudable," said Gibbons.

After the attack, Boyles went to work at the Carson City Toyota dealership without any delay saying, "It wasn't a big deal. I was just helping out."

The Carson City Sheriff's Protective Association, along with Gray, also plan to thank Boyles.

Association Vice President Bill Richards said Monday a $100 gift certificate will be awarded to Boyles this week, along with a face-to-face thank you from Gray and a certificate of appreciation.

"We just want to recognize the fact that we appreciate his help," Richards said. "He said he's not a hero, but in my book he's a hero. For him to intervene like that, he saved either that guy's life or the deputy's."

Boyles is a decorated U.S. Air Force pararescue veteran who served three tours of duty in Vietnam.

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