Minimum wage passes Senate in changed form

The proposed increase in Nevada's minimum wage passed the Senate Friday evening - but in amended form.

The original bill, AB87, mirrored the language approved by voters in November mandating a $1 per hour increase in the $5.15 minimum wage.

The Senate version increases that to a $1.25 increase - but removes language tying future increases in the minimum wage to the inflation index. Danny Thompson of the AFL-CIO said the CPI indexing is vital to ensure workers in the lowest paid jobs don't again fall behind.

If lawmakers don't pass the legislation in the same form as approved by voters, the issue will again go on the general election ballot and, if approved again, become law despite the Legislature.

So the Senate version also includes a provision putting a competing question on the ballot. Supporters of the original ballot question say Senators are obviously hoping voters will choose the $1.25 increase over the $1 without realizing the affect of losing the inflationary increases in the future.

The bill will end up in a conference committee.


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