Raggio reacts to Assembly ultimatum

Senate Majority Leader Bill Raggio, R-Reno, Friday blamed the budget impasse on Speaker Richard Perkins for refusing to discuss budget issues until the Senate agrees to fund all-day kindergarten.

"I am disconcerted by the comments of the speaker in this morning's paper that it isn't worth talking about other issues until we have all-day kindergarten," he said. "The speaker has thrown down a gauntlet that unless something is done about all-day kindergarten, nothing else will be done."

Perkins, D-Henderson, walked out of the closed door meeting called to resolve budget differences Thursday after Senators led by Raggio refused to support the $72 million needed for mandatory statewide kindergarten before taking up any other issues.

"If that's going to be the attitude, there's not going to be any movement and the fault will be with the speaker and the Assembly," said Raggio. "One person is not going to say his way or the highway."

"I don't think the legislative process is served by throwing out ultimatums," said Raggio. "There are still two houses in the Legislature with different make-up. There has to be accommodation and we understand that on the Senate side."

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