Bank's computer error causes double billing

When Carson City man Stan Brokl looked at his Wells Fargo bank account statement online he noticed something strange: he was double billed for two purchases over the weekend.

And he wasn't the only one.

A computer processing error on certain ATM point-of-sale debit card purchases caused some Wells Fargo customers to have double postings on their accounts. Natalie Mitchell, bank vice president of communications, said she doesn't know how many customers were affected.

"Some were double posted over Veterans Day weekend," she said Friday. "We caught it and fixed it. Some customers who don't look at their accounts online may have not even noticed it."

Brokl, who has banked with Wells Fargo for 10 years, said his account was deducted three times for a Wal-Mart purchase, and twice for his Costco purchase. In all, the bank deducted $300 more than it should have. His overdraft clicked in and he was charged $10. Brokl called the bank and was told it would take 10 days to fix.

"None of that should have happened," he said. "And if I didn't have online banking I would not have known about it. If I had not have contacted Wells Fargo and made a stink about it, who knows what would've happened."

Since a telephone call didn't work, Brokl went into the bank and was able to get the problem solved there.

"I'm worried it may slip by others who don't have online banking," he said. "So, look at your statement."

The Wells Fargo spokeswoman said the problem has been caught and reversed. She said Wells Fargo customers can call the help line at 1-800-869-3557 with any questions.

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