Celebrating Nevada in song

Grammy Award-winning recording artist Lee Greenwood, best known for his inspiring song, "God Bless the U.S.A.," has written a tribute to Nevada called, "I Am Nevada."

He performed the song for the first time publicly during his appearance at the Reno Hilton on Saturday evening.

Lt. Governor Lorraine Hunt presented him with a certificate of appreciation on behalf of the state.

"All Nevadans should be proud that Lee Greenwood found the inspiration for a song in the Silver State," she said. "This is a wonderful gift to everyone in the state."

Here are the lyrics to the song:

"I came here with my father

With a West-bound wagon train

There were folks from Carolina

And all the way to Maine

There was a family from New England

With a daughter I would marry

My sister met a Texan who had vowed to take her hand

We heard of California

Just beyond the high Sierra

But the trail was long and hard

And it was time to settle down

There were Indians and cowboys

And a preacher from Tulsa

We circled up the wagons and we built ourselves a town


My spirit lives in the wild horses in the Red Rock Canyon

And I'm alive among the pines on Donner Ridge

I get my strength from the Colorado

And I'm renewed by the snow in Tahoe

And the eagle shares the sky with the thunderbirds

I'm a diamond in desert, I'm a place to come and play

I'm Battle Born, I am Nevada

I'm Battle Born, I am Nevada

We've changed a lot since the days of silver mining

And the pioneers still whisper on the wind

And all the trails they forged are now our super highways

But we'll remember all their hardships, as we build a better land

(Repeat chorus)

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