Hunt questionnaires need to be returned

According to a recent press release by the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW), with many big game seasons now closed and others closing soon, Nevada hunters are reminded by NDOW to complete and return their hunt questionnaires. Issued with each tag, these questionnaires are important components of Nevada's big game management program.

"The post-hunt information provided by hunters is vital," said Mike Cox, NDOW Big Game Staff Biologist. "Without the data hunters provide after their hunts, our biologists would have a hard time knowing the actual harvest. Additionally, hunters provide information on the size and gender of the animal and their time spent afield on the hunt. All of this information helps shape our recommendations for next year's hunts."

The questionnaire must be properly completed and received by the Wildlife Administrative Services office no later than 5 p.m., 15 weekdays after the close of the season to which the tag applies.

Questionnaires may be submitted by phone, fax, U.S. mail or online at Hunters should follow up with the Wildlife Administrative Services office to ensure their questionnaire was received.

Any hunter who fails to return the questionnaire within the specified period or submits incomplete or false information will be denied all big game tags for one year.

However, hunters may get their tag privileges reinstated if they pay a $50 administrative fine.

This doesn't happen very often according to Cox.

"Nevada hunters are very conscientious when it comes to returning their questionnaires," he said. "We routinely have 90 Ð 95 percent compliance annually. This helps our big game management immensely and makes Nevada's program a model that other states envy."


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