Q&A Tuesday: Teachers can find many things they need at Educator's Closet

BRAD HORN/Nevada Appeal Kristi Pulizzotto, coordinator for the Educator's Closet, says she has everything a teacher could need, from books to crafts.

BRAD HORN/Nevada Appeal Kristi Pulizzotto, coordinator for the Educator's Closet, says she has everything a teacher could need, from books to crafts.

Kristi Pulizzotto has been the coordinator for the Educator's Closet for the past seven years. The closet, at 604 W. Musser St., is in a portable building behind the Gleason Building. Pull in and park in the gravel lot behind Gleason.

The Closet is open from 1:30-5 p.m. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and from 8 -11:30 a.m. the first Saturday of each month. Teachers, administrators and aides can find items free of charge for use in their classrooms or school. Call 283-1513 for information.

When did the Educator's Closet come into existence?

Seven years ago. Actually, eight years ago because I've been here seven years, and it was open a year before that with volunteers.

What kinds of items are available there for educators?

Anything from reading books to workbooks for students, binders, office items, craft items, posters, and then I always say much, much more. Anything that can be used in a classroom.

Are there items for teachers to use over the Christmas holiday?

Definitely craft items that kids can take home to their parents or family. I've had teachers come in and look for workbooks for kids for extra studying. I had a music teacher come in and get 30 binders to put her students' music in, so the music wouldn't get lost.

How about decorations?

I had a teacher from Carson Middle School come in last week. I guess educators from the school decorate their doors for prizes. She was back getting items to decorate her door. The last two years, she has won.

Can anyone come in for items?

It's for educators in the Lyon, Douglas and the Carson school districts, as well as private schools. There's no cost, but I do have a teacher from Lyon County who gives a donation every time she comes in.

How does the process work?

The educators come in, and if they have a certain item they're looking for, I usually direct them. They put it in a box, or put their treasures in a box or bag and sign them out, and that's it. Easy. And of course, the donations come from the community, so keep those donations coming.

How is the Educator's Closet funded?

We get a grant from the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, and we received a two-year grant this year for this year and next year.

Next year, we'll have to keep our fingers crossed that they approve it again. The first year of the Educator's Closet was in 1998, and was started by Jean Kvam from a parent-teacher's association.

In June 1999, the closet received the contract from NDEP, and it has been received every year since then. We also have a lot of help from the Carson City School District because they are lending us the space and pretty much paying for phone and electricity and all that stuff.

Your slogan is Don't Dump It, Donate It. What's that about?

People can drop donations off anytime, preferably when I'm open. If I'm not here, all they have to do is see Martha at the Gleason Building, which is now the Gleason Professional Development Center. When they drop of the donations, it's tax exempt, so I'll give them a receipt.

Anything that is needed during the Christmas season?

Teachers write out a wish list. Some of the requests I have are for plastic and paper CD cases, a cassette player, state of Nevada maps and then I always need the basics, like pencils and paper.

What I'll do when these items come in is put them aside and e-mail or call the teacher.

They'll come in and pick up the items, and if not, I'll put them out.


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