Letters to the editor

Thanks to community from JJ's Ear Candy

As the final days draw near, we find another local retailer preparing to close its doors. Yes, JJ's Ear Candy and Video Madness will no longer do business after Friday. As an owner of JJ's Ear Candy and Video Madness, I am writing to express my heartfelt thanks to my community for 18 eventful years.

First, I would like to express my personal reason for our business closing. The fears of most people have been that competition is too strong. However, that probably is only a very small piece of the puzzle. I believe that competition is healthy in all aspects of life, business included. In fact, our most profitable years have been those that found us sandwiched between the larger chain stores on both ends of Carson City.

Our main reason for closing has to do with dwindling support from major studio labels on both the music and video side of our business. As times have changed, their marketing efforts have changed, leaving little support to the independent markets.

With that said, I would really like to express my thanks to this community. Over the past 18 years, JJ's Ear Candy and Video Madness has grown through a labor of love, to become more than just my business. JJ's Ear Candy and Video Madness has been a business that the entire community can call its own. We have offered support to many of the schools, organizations and charities in our community, and in turn have received back from you your support. I thank you for that support.

I will leave with only the best of memories from all my experiences here. And years from now, when asked about JJ's Ear Candy and Video Madness, I truly hope your memories will spark a smile.

Finally, a word of thanks. To you, the loyal customers, I feel fortunate to have had the greatest customers in the area. To my co-workers who gave their best during all these years, thanks for making our business one to be proud of. A special thanks to Mark Moots. Your guidance in the beginning and all your years of loyal service gave JJ's Ear Candy its ability to be unique. To my current staff, Sara, Anna and Samantha, you really are the best. Aaron, I couldn't have made it without you.

To all those I'm unable to mention, thanks for your friendship, love, support and memories. And lastly to my family, thanks for your daily love and support in allowing me to live a dream.


JJ's Ear Candy/Video Madness

Carson City

Reid has no reason for opposing Roberts

Harry, I'm ashamed to say you're my Senator.

Harry Reid came out with the worst balderdash about why he's not voting for Judge Roberts. One can only wonder how he expects to survive another election. It's past time for the people of Nevada to "Tom Daschle" him at the next election.


Carson City

Please return missing bears, deer to porch

Whoever removed two small bears from my front porch and a rather large deer from the planter next to the porch on Walnut Court in Silver Oak, I hope you are ashamed of yourself. I also hope you are intelligent enough to be able to read this.

The items have very little monetary value, but a lot of sentimental value. The little bears were a gift from our son and the deer belonged to my wife's parents who have passed away.

The proper thing to do is put these items back where you got them.


Carson City

Does anybody care about the children?

Why oh why didn't the president declare war against the one million children in Iraq? it is unconstitutional to kill without declaring war. Why do they call radiating our own soldiers with plutonium Gulf War syndrome? It is really called radiation poisoning.

Why do they maim children for decades with cluster bombs? It is against the Geneva Convention.

Who cares?


Mound House


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