Making an impact on your golf game

The first step to an improved golf swing is understanding the impact position, the position of the arms, body and club at the precise moment of impact.

Lets start with the club, quite simply the hands should be slightly ahead of the ball at impact. The shaft is tilting towards the target. The hips should have turned slightly and the right knee has pushed in towards the left. The right heel is off the ground. The hips have turned and the belt buckle is a little ahead of the ball. This results in the weight being more on the front foot. The height and posture should remain constant.

The positions described all contribute to the desired descending blow meaning that the ball is struck first and the turf second.

Using a pitching wedge simply swing back a short distance and swing forward to impact. Hold the position with the club face square to the target. Practice this drill with the use of a mirror. After you have developed some comfort with this use the same motion and hit some balls. The ball should fly no more than 20 yards. The drill will train you to deliver the club squarely to the ball resulting in more power and consistency.

Terry Gingell is a PGA Class A Professional. For information regarding golf lessons at Empire Ranch and Genoa Lakes, call Gingell, 690-7970.


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