He's no fan of Bonds

Not being a big fan of Major League Baseball, it's tough to care or predict who will win this year's World Series. It's much more fun to talk about one person who definitely doesn't deserve to win one, Barry Bonds.

Unless you're one of those types that believes in the Easter Bunny, and that O.J. didn't do it, we should all know by now that "Barroid" Bonds' assault on Hank Aaron's and Babe Ruth's home run totals has been aided by the use of performance-enhancing drugs. His direct link to an admitted steroid distributor certainly helps explain how so late in his career Bonds bulked up, hit a whopping 73 home runs in one season, and grew a few hat sizes. When the new book Game of Shadows came out detailing his drug use, instead of contesting its contents, his lawyers objected to the way the authors obtained evidence leaked from grand jury testimony and are now profiting from it. Only San Francisco Giants fans are still rooting for Barry Bonds.

As far as his new television show is concerned, one would never learn anything about Bonds' drug use because the subject is never addressed. What you watch is Bonds apparently suffering from depression, most likely related to his steroid use. Bonds lately has been bringing up the subject of death, and considering the kinds of cocktails he likes, his demise is probably in the not too distant future. Bonds is however succeeding in gaining sympathy from some people during what mercifully should be his last season.


One athlete that hopefully does come back for a final year is Roger Clemens. After leading 2005 in Earned Run Average at the age of 42, Clemens represented the United States in the World Baseball Classic, but has not yet announced whether or not he will participate in another Major League Season.

Much like Bonds, Clemens is willing to go to extremes in order to perform at a high level. But while Bonds has taken short cuts with substances and become injury-prone, Clemens has trained very hard naturally, and avoided injuries. While Bonds is most likely still taking baseball-legal Human Growth Hormone, Clemens will be applying Icy Hot to his private parts, never wanting to feel comfortable when on the pitcher's mound. Anyone willing to exhibit that kind of sacrifice certainly deserves our support, so come back Roger Clemens!


After 40 years of widespread abuse and three years of not being on MLB's banned substances list, amphetamines, or "greenies," will be prohibited and tested for this season. One player last week stated that half of the position players in the league were liable to take amphetamines from time to time, so this is a major announcement. Nonetheless, coffee and energy drinks such as Red Bull will continue to be legal, and they too can be abused.


With black clouds always hanging over Major League Baseball, it was appropriate that Sunday's season-opening game experienced a lengthy rain delay. Considering MLB's current steroid investigation centered around Barry Bonds, this should be an extra long season.

Predictions: American League Division Winners - Chicago White Sox, New York Yankees, Oakland.

Wild Card - Boston.

National League Division Winners - St. Louis, Atlanta, San Francisco.

Wild Card - Houston if Clemens returns.

World Series - Oakland over St. Louis. Those are my favorite teams, so it's easy to make a prediction there.


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