Sheriff fine after heart scare

Carson City's sheriff was back to work Thursday afternoon after suffering chest pains and spending the night in the hospital.

"I'm fine," a smiling Kenny Furlong said Thursday. "I had a rough night, but I'm OK now."

Furlong, 48, said doctor's are still trying to determine what caused the "cramping" pain he began to experience in his right chest about 11:45 p.m. After the pain moved into his arm, his wife, Phyllis, ordered him into the car and drove him to the emergency room.

He stayed overnight in the intensive care unit where doctor's ran a battery of tests, the last of which happened at 2 p.m. Thursday when Furlong ran on a treadmill.

He was released shortly afterward and attended a 6 p.m. meeting of volunteers at the Sheriff's Department on Thursday night.

Though doctors have not been able to pinpoint the cause of the pain, they've ruled out a heart attack, said Phyllis. She said she thinks her husband was exhausted. When he was admitted, doctors determined he was dehydrated.

"He's in rare form now," she said. "He's perfectly fine."

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