Community supports Easter shoe program

As you all know, we had more than 700 shoes to purchase by Sunday for the Easter Shoe Drive for Carson School District's Children-in-Transition program. However, thanks to so many of you, all the shoes for needy children were purchased by March 31. Wow!

It is truly an understatement when I say that if there is something needed for children, the community has never let them down.

I have four schools left to visit, and it is always my extreme pleasure to tell each student who purchased their shoes and why.

I love it when a child asks, "Why do I get new shoes?" Each year, my answer is, "Because someone loved you enough to care and knows you deserved them."

This week at Mark Twain Elementary, I had the cutest little boy say, "My mom is going to be so happy. I asked for a new pair of shoes, and she said they couldn't buy me a pair this month, but maybe next month. Now she won't have to!"

So when Easter is here and your enjoying a moment with your family, remember all the children you helped and made very happy.

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The recent vandalism by graffiti at the schools was horrible. My daughter McKenna, who attends Carson Middle School, was upset that her eighth-grade class photo couldn't be taken in the front of the school, like in previous years, because the tagging had defaced the entrance.

She didn't understand why someone would do that. I tried to explain that when you are young, sometimes you don't make all the right choices. I believe that in this case, there is some truth in my explanation to my daughter.

I work very closely with Penny Reynolds and the Carson High culinary arts program because I think she is an amazing teacher. Unfortunately, one of her students was involved. He is 18, and his actions were stupid, but I ask all of you to remember some of the decisions you made at 18. Penny had to make the tough decision of removing the teen from the team.

Yes, I think it was wrong and the punishment will fit the crime, but I think all of us know that we need to look past one mistake and exercise forgiveness.

I was dumbfounded to hear his name because I think he is a wonderful young man, but even a great child can make one mistake.

Do I think he deserves punishment? Yes. I also think he has already lost so much. But do I think his life should be trashed? No. He made a mistake; who hasn't?

The culinary arts team recently took first place at a state competition - a first in the history of Carson High School - and is now headed to Florida for the nationals. The team still needs money to attend the event. If you want to help, please call Penny. They are holding a raffle of wonderful prizes.

Charlie Abowd, owner of Adele's Restaurant, gave four $100 gift certificates, and there is also a laptop. I want to thank several service organizations for their donations, including $800 from Carson City Rotary International, $300 from Carson City Sertoma and $500 from Carson City Soroptimists.

The team still needs $4,000 to make the trip, so let's help the students represent the best of Nevada.

Donations to Carson High School's

culinary team

When: Through the end of the month

Contact: Penny Reynolds at 283 -1771

• If you would like your information included, please e-mail Kim Riggs at


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