$522 million in government contracts granted to Nevada businesses last year

Nevada businesses were awarded $522.8 million in government contracts last year, according to the Defense Logistics Agency.

The businesses were assisted with securing federal, state and local government contracts by the Nevada Commission on Economic Development Procurement Outreach Program. This program works to increase the flow of contract dollars to Nevada businesses by providing them with the necessary training and technical assistance to win government contracts.

The program has offices in Carson City and Las Vegas.

The program assisted in acquiring 593 federal government contracts, 80 percent that were prime contracts, for state businesses. The defense agency estimated that 12,448 new jobs were created or retained in the Silver State due to the contracts.

The state program was honored this month with three awards, including top honors for its efforts to promote veteran-owned businesses and entrepreneurship. The awards were presented by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Center for Veterans Enterprise.

Program Deputy Director Kathy Dow and procurement specialist Lynette Castillo received awards for their active participation in the Veterans Entrepreneurship Program.

Since Oct. 1, 2003, the program has helped procure 1,525 federal contracts for small business equaling $652 million. About $33 million went to women-owned businesses in Nevada.

Currently, 783 Nevada businesses are members of POP. The figures reported by the defense agency are based on contract notifications from 110 of the members.


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