More complaints over fight

Marc Ratner, executive director for the Nevada State Athletic Commission, said Wednesday that three additional complaints have been filed against both camps involved in the Floyd Mayweather-Zab Judah title fight April 8 at the Thomas & Mack Center, in Las Vegas.

Ratner said complaints were sent out Wednesday to Mayweather's cornerman Leonard Ellerbee as well as to both Zab Judah and his father-trainer Yoel Judah.

Mayweather took Judah's IBF welterweight title via 12-round unanimous decision following a 10th-round, in-ring melee that included Mayweather's uncle, Roger Mayweather, Ellerbee, Zab and Yoel Judah, several commission members, police officers and security personnel.

Ratner said all parties have by law 20 days to answer the complaints.

Ratner also said that Roger Mayweather, who was fined $200,000 and had his cornerman's license revoked for at least one year, had waived his 20-day right and appeared before the commission on April 13, when his punishment was meted out.

After Zab Judah hit Floyd Mayweather with a low blow and a rabbit punch, Roger entered the ring and was stopped by referee Richard Steele, who was leading away Zab Judah and calling for a five-minute timeout for Mayweather to recover.

Yoel Judah, a former world champion kickboxer, then entered the ring and punched Floyd with a straight right. As several members of both camps and security, police and commission members began to enter the ring, Zab circled around Steele, who was by then restraining Yoel, and struck Roger with a rabbit punch.

Ratner said the commission was waiting on a response from Ellerbee's and the Judahs' lawyers and that he expected those responses within "20 days or sooner."

Mayweather's $5 million purse was originally withheld by the commission, but was subsequently released to him. Judah's $250,000 purse is still being withheld.

Meanwhile, Mayweather's status as the IBF champion remains uncertain.

IBF championships chairman Lindsey Tucker said Tuesday that the IBF board of directors conducted a telephonic poll of its 11 members on April 14 and, in a split opinion, concurred that a rematch between Mayweather and Judah should be held before either fighter signs for another bout.

Neither Tucker nor IBF president Marian Muhammad, who was reportedly headed to Germany for Saturday's IBF heavyweight title fight between Chris Byrd and Wladimir Klitschko, could be reached for further comment.

Bruce Trampler, matchmaker for Top Rank, Mayweather's promoter, said on April 13 that Mayweather could possibly face WBO welterweight champion Antonio Margarito next and that there would be no rematch between Mayweather and Judah.


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