Landmark Homes fined by contractors board for not responding to complaint

One of Dayton's largest home builders was fined recently by the Nevada State Contractors Board for not responding to a homeowner's complaint.

Landmark Homes, headquartered in Reno, was fined $500 by the contractors board at its June 12 meeting.

"There was an issue with a homeowner, but it was resolved," said Art Nadler, spokesman for the board. "They were ordered to provide a new financial statement to be reviewed by staff by Aug. 21."

The statement details the financial capabilities of the company.

Landmark did not respond to the customer's complaint because the company had personnel changes at the time, said Dean Pearson, senior vice president for Landmark Homes.

"We were wrong by not responding to it, and now we're remedying the situation by taking care of the cosmetic issues," he said Tuesday.

He said none of the problems are structural, but concern paint and sheet rock.

Once a complaint is opened, a board investigator is assigned to have a site meeting with the contractor and the homeowner. The investigator looks into the workmanship, not the warranty.

A correction notice is issued for any problem that doesn't meet the minimum industry standard. The contractor then has a specified number of days to complete the project. If the problem isn't fixed, it then goes to a board hearing where disciplinary action may be decided.

A contractor can be penalized up to $10,000 for violations. The board can also suspend or revoke a license or order the contractor to hire another subcontractor to mend the problems.

Other contractors fined last month by the board:

• Floors To Go, of Sparks, for substandard workmanship; failure to comply with the board's notice to correct, acting in the capacity of a contractor beyond the scope of the license and failure to establish financial responsibility. The licensee was fined $2,000 and ordered to pay the homeowner $1,500 and investigative costs.

• BLR Window Solutions, of Dublin, Calif., for substandard workmanship. The license was revoked for various charges. The licensee was ordered to pay $4,592 in restitution to the homeowner.

• Silver Tree Construction, of Verdi, for failure to keep in force a bond or cash deposit. The licensee was fined $100.


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