Sweat, sawdust and a case of stage fright at 4-H Youth Fair

Brad Horn/Nevada Appeal Alex Brooks, 5, of Winnemucca, leads Princess Caroline to the judges area at Fuji Park on Saturday.

Brad Horn/Nevada Appeal Alex Brooks, 5, of Winnemucca, leads Princess Caroline to the judges area at Fuji Park on Saturday.

There was a major case of stage fright at the Carson City/Lyon County 4-H Youth Fair on Saturday, but it wasn't one of the children - it was a 9-month-old bull named Cotton Candy.

The red and white Holstein managed to escape the rope meant to keep him confined until the Dairy Cattle Competition, bucked off his halter and then bolted off around Fuji Park. The bull was caught and detained through a joint effort by the participants.

Saturday marked the second day of the two-day event taking place at the Exhibit Hall at Fuji Park.

Thirty-two children, comprising 4-H clubs from Carson City, Douglas, Lyon, Humbolt and Storey counties showed chickens, horses, rabbits and dairy cattle, hoping for a blue ribbon that would serve as their ticket to the Nevada State Fair, held Aug. 21-25 in Reno.

Youth Fair Organizer Susan Rogers said Saturday's events serve as a way for the children to show their animals and improve their skills before the state competition.

Don Murphy, leader of the Funny Bunnies, Wavy Cavys and Wicked Chickens 4-H group in Douglas County said participation provides long-lasting benefits.

"Competing in 4-H leads to scholarships and rodeo sponsorships, plus it helps promote education and the community service these kids do," Murphy said. "4-H promotes making the best better. Kids better serve their communities, there is better health for the animals and the kids use their heads, both in and out of the 4-H activities."

Kimmi Russell, 13, a member of the Bouncing Bunnies 4-H Club, spent her afternoon learning more about chickens. After obtaining a perfect score in rabbit showmanship Friday night, she was scheduled to compete in master showmanship and was a little shaky on her knowledge of poultry.

"I've never done birds, and since I'm doing master showmanship I am trying to study some more. You just have to study a lot and keep trying," Russell said.

Master showmanship involves the showing of multiple species of animals with judging on how the animal is prepared and displayed, as well as knowledge about care and health concerns for the animal.

Alex Loptien, 8, from Sparks, was showing Clover, her chicken, for the first time at the fair. It was her third year competing, but she only showed rabbits and guinea pigs the last two years.

"I like the smaller breeds better because they are easier to handle and you don't get hurt as much," Loptien said.

Saturday's events included the judging of 128 rabbits, 20 chickens and 12 dairy cattle.

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Dairy Show


Master: Christy Works, Carson City

Reserve Master: Kyndra Valceschini, Washoe County

Senior : Christy Works, Carson City

Intermediate: Kyndra Valceschini, Washoe County

Junior: Sierra Hunewill, Lyon County

Pee Wee: Alex Brooks, Humboldt County

Grand Champion Bull

Rianne Gibson, Humboldt County

Reserve Grand Champion Bull:

Tesha Nolan, Humboldt County

Junior Heifer


Christy Works

Junior Heifer Reserve Champion:

Sierra Hunewill

Grand Champion Cow:

Christy Works with Blossom

Reserve Grand Champion Cow:

Rianne Gibson



Master Grand Champion: Kimberly Russell from Carson City

Master Reserve Grand Champion: Elizabeth Loptien from Washoe County

Senior: Kyle Russell from Carson City

Intermediate: Kimberly Russell from Carson City

Junior: Angel Goodman from Lyon

Novice: Amelia Ritger from Douglas

Best in Show: Hannah Little, of Churchill County, with her solid senior buck

Holland Lop

Reserve in Show: Alexandra Loptien, of Washoe County, with her otter senior

buck Netherland Dwarf.


Best of Show: Angel Goodman, of Lyon County, with her Buff Orphington Pullet.

Reserve Best of Show: Angel Goodman, of Lyon County, with a silkie white cockerel.

Best Barnyard: Briserda Hyatt, of Carson City, with a Polish Red Cockerel.


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