Broken water line leaves Comstock residents without water

A mandatory order to conserve water was issued today for Virginia City residents following a break in the water line supplying the Comstock community with water from Marlette Lake, near Lake Tahoe.

The break in the 12-inch line is said to be near Highway 395 and Lakeview Hill north of Carson City.

Residents and businesses are asked to severely cut back on their use of water as no water is being supplied to the system serving Virginia City, Gold Hill and Silver City.

The emergency may remain in effect for the next two to three days, according to Storey County Emergency Management officials.

Residents are asked:

- not to use washing machines or dishwashers

- use bottled drinking water when possible

- curtail use of shower and bath facilities

- minimize toilet use and flushing

- do not wash cars or use water for outdoor cleanup


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