Not enough mobile home parks to fill housing need

A shortage of mobile home spaces in Carson City, combined with more stringent rules, could make it difficult for some Oasis Mobile Home Park residents to find new homes.

Some of the remaining Oasis residents were going to be moved to Seven Star Mobile Home Park on Koontz Lane, but that facility only takes mobiles that are no more than 15 years old, said Erin Schilling, who manages Oasis Mobile Home Park on South Carson Street and the Seven Star park.

Residents in mobile homes and recreational vehicles whom Schilling deals with are lower-income. Many are seniors or disabled.

Rules about mobile homes have become more stringent in recent years, she said.

The Board of Supervisors last year, for example, approved an ordinance that required all mobile and manufactured homes installed to be no more than 15 years old.

"The older mobile homes might not be safe," said Janice McIntosh, director of Carson City Senior Citizens Center. "And for seniors, disruption and change can be very difficult."

There are more than 1,500 spaces for mobile homes in Carson City, said Kimberly Adams, a property appraiser with the Carson City Assessor's Office.

It's not a large enough number to accommodate the demand, according to Walter Sullivan, the city's community development director.

"Property is becoming more valuable in the city," Sullivan noted. The owner probably wants to use the land in a way that will "pay more dividends."

Though plans haven't been filed with the city, The Ribiero Co. will turn the property into a retail and professional office area, said Erin Riccio, lease manager for the Reno-based development, management and leasing firm.

"It's prime property, and it will bring a lot of sales tax revenue to Carson," Riccio said. The project is on track for completion in June 2007.

- Terri Harber


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