Some Dayton residents want post office cleaned up

Dayton residents appreciate postal workers' determination to make it through rain, snow and dark of night, but some would like to see the post office add cleanliness to its list of virtues.

"There's overgrown weeds, unwatered trees and plants," said Dayton Advisory Councilwoman Mabel Masterman. "The outside of the building needs cleaning. There are dirty windows, spider webs, birds nesting in the eaves, scrapings on the sides of the building and the gutters are in need of repair."

A representative of the United States Postal Service is expected to address the issue at Wednesday's Dayton Regional Advisory Council meeting.

Toni Passot, postmistress at the Dayton post office, would not comment on the condition of the building.

"I can't talk right now," she said. "We have to get first-class mail out."

She did say that she and her supervisor would appear at the council meeting on Wednesday to answer questions about the condition of the building and grounds.

The opinions of residents interviewed at the post office were mixed.

"It looks all right to me," said Roy Huett of Dayton.

"It needs to be cleaned up," said Don Dallas, who lived in Dayton for 30 years before relocating to the Virginia City Highlands. "It's not a particularly old building and it's a bit rundown."

Sandra Sanders of Dayton agreed.

"It's a pretty building, but it would be good if they could paint it," she said.

Buck Buchanon of Dayton hopes to do just that.

"I put in a bid to paint it, awhile back," he said. "I know it needs it and they do too or they wouldn't have asked me."

Buchanon said he hasn't heard whether his bid was rejected.

At the council's March meeting, several residents complained about the poor condition of the building and grounds, Masterman said.

Since then, she said, new rain gutters were installed, but she complained the new gutters leak at the seams.

"They did bring out a crew that picked up garbage and filled in holes in front of the drive-through mailboxes," she said.

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WHAT: Dayton Regional Advisory Council meeting

WHEN: 7 p.m. Wednesday

WHERE: 34 Lakes Blvd., Dayton

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