Take the citizenship test

A sample version of the test given to those applying for citizenship in the United States.

Questions are randomly chosen from a list of 95 possible questions. To pass the test, an applicant must correctly answer 6 of the 10 questions.

• What country did we fight in the Revolutionary War?

• What do we call changes to the Constitution?

• How many voting members are there in the House of Representatives?

• What was the 50th state to be added to the United States?

• Who becomes president if both the president and vice president die?

• Who said, "Give me liberty of give me death"?

• How many Supreme Court justices are there?

• Name one of the purposes of the United Nations.

• How many times can a congressman or senator be re-elected?

• What do the stripes on the flag represent?

- Source: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

Download the complete test: (pdf)


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