Taking a stand in history: People, ideas, events

Nevada's History Day competition was March 25 at the Nevada State Museum in Carson City.

Students submitted projects as part of the National History Day competition. Projects were judged on accuracy, analysis, balance, use of primary sources, presentation, context and more.

The state winners are eligible to compete in the national competition June 11-15 at the University of Maryland, College Park.

There are two divisions in the national contest, the junior division for seventh- and eighth-graders and the senior division for ninth- through 12th-graders.

Students chose to do either an individual or group project. Their efforts were similar to those required in a science fair in that students had to set up a display explaining their project and research their subject.

History Day in Nevada winners list

Historical Paper (Junior Division)

1st Place - Kristen Rees, Pershing County Middle School, "Abigail Adams: Taking a Stand for Liberty."

Historical Paper (Senior Division)

1st Place - Stephen Ball, Freedom High School, "The Zanj: Standing Against Oppression in 9th Century Iraq."

Individual Performance (Junior Division)

1st Place - Lyssa Springer, Pershing County Middle School, "Hand to the Plow: Alice Paul and the Fight for Women's Suffrage."

2nd Place - Luke Rader, Stone Valley Academy, "General Francis Marion."

Individual Performance (Senior Division)

1st Place - Chris Heslop, home school, "Jacob Riis: How the Other Half Lives."

2nd Place - Lauren Smith, Yerington High School, "Anne Frank."

Honorable Mention - Joanne Heslop, home school, "Frances Perkins and Social Security."

Group Performance (Junior Division)

1st Place - Caitlyn Menicucci, Danielle DeRosa, Swope Middle School, "Me: Amelia Earhart."

2nd Place - Juan Davila, Marissa Torres, Dylan Allen, Ludia Bond, Eureka County Junior-Senior High School, "Nevada Water Rights."

Honorable Mention - Stacey Hill, Michelle Montez, Pershing County Middle School, "Woman's Suffrage: Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton."

Individual Documentary (Junior Division)

1st Place - Bridgett McLean, Pershing County Middle School, "Benjamin Franklin: Taking a Stand Against His Country."

2nd Place - Rebecca Roahrig, Euroeka County Junior-Senior High School, "Martin Luther King, Jr."

Individual Documentary (Senior Division)

1st Place - Jared Rader, Stone Valley Academy, "Helmuth Hubener."

Group Documentary (Junior Division)

1st Place - Scot Shirley, Mark Hostman, Pershing County Middle School, "Veronica Guerin, Making a Stand in History."

Individual Exhibits (Junior Division)

1st Place - Julia Thompson, Fernley Intermediate School, "Sarah Winnemucca."

2nd Place - Katiya Resney, WNCC College for Kids, "Battle of the Cowpens."

Honorable Mention - Cheyenne Lawrence, Silver Stage Middle School, "Martin Luther King, Jr."

Individual Exhibits (Senior Division)

1st Place - Ivonne Caro, Carson High School, "Jehova's Witnesses: Stood Firm and Courageous in the Face of Nazi Peril."

2nd Place - Will Adler, Carson High School, "Tienaman Square: Students Take a Stand."

Honorable Mention - Chandra Tremayne, Carson High School, "The Marshall Plan: Taking a Stand for European Recovery."

Group Exhibits (Junior Division)

1st Place - Kassy Phillips, Hayley Yenne, Pershing County Middle School, "Elizabeth Cady Stanton."

2nd Place - Mary Ann Chamberlain, Aleesha Groth, Eureka County Junior-Senior High School, "Chinese and the Transcontinental Railroad."

Honorable Mention - Ryann Jensen, Shelby Reed, Pershing County Middle School, "Live and Disasters of Harriet Tubman."

Group Exhibits (Senior Division)

1st Place - Ola Lara, Tania Membreno, Gabriela Ortega, Carson High School, "Cesar Chavez."

2nd Place - Alyssa Mitchell, Jimayne Lee, Carson High School, "Punk Rock's History."

Honorable Mention - Deborah Berger, Jonny Diaz, Kelsey Settle, Carson High School, "Tookie Against Gang Violence."


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