More than Silver City rooting for community center

As frustrating as it is for residents of tiny Silver City to battle giant Lloyds of London, there is something inspiring about the fight, even for those who will never step foot in the town's new community center when it is ultimately built.

In one respect, it's a David versus Goliath story, and in another, it's an affirmation that community spirit is still strong in rural Nevada.

The problems began shortly after the Silver City Schoolhouse burned in 2004. Residents used the building as a public gathering space for meetings, celebrations and all of the other events that make up a community.

But Lloyds of London offered just $453,000 to rebuild, which won't even cover half the price of a new building.

To their credit, residents are putting up a spirited fight, even though the sign on State Route 341 now reads "two years, three months and 11 days" that they've been without a community center.

Their options are to take the offer, start building with the intention of suing the company later, or go through a binding-appraisal process, which carries some risk because there's no guarantee the appraisal will come in at the price Lyon County is hoping for.

Whatever they choose, we're putting our money on David in this fight.


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