Eight cited in minors' alcohol stings

Sting operations set up by Carson City deputies this week resulted in eight people being cited for buying or serving minors alcohol.

On Tuesday, a 17-year-old female was employed by the sheriff's department to approach adults in a shoulder-tap operation and ask them to buy her alcohol.

Out of 13 people, eight declined, said Deputy Jarrod Adams.

The following five people purchased alcohol for the decoy and were issued $632 tickets: Darrin Frost, 45; Karla Sasso, 23; Neil Manning, 26; William Dickens, 26; and Rafael Martin-Bravo, 37.

"So remember, if a person asks you to buy alcohol and they look under 21, don't do it. You may get a $632 ticket," Adams said.

On Wednesday, deputies conducted an alcohol-compliance check of 14 Carson City businesses, in which three were cited for serving alcohol to minors.

The following businesses refused to sell alcohol to minors; China Chef, Club Fusion, 7 Eleven at 3838 Highway 50 E., Toads Bar, Mulligans, AM PM at 4190 S. Carson St., Sparky's, Cactus Jack's, Lucky Seven Bar, Wal-Mart and AM PM Mini Mart at 2707 E. William St.

The following business had an employee who sold alcohol to the two 17-year-old decoys: Chevron at 1102 N. Carson St., AM PM Mini Mart at 720 S. Carson St. and Scavos on Highway 50 East.

A $632 ticket was issued to the persons who sold the alcohol to the decoys, and they were ordered to attend mandatory server training on Nov. 7.

For questions about server training, contact Adams at 887-2020, ext. 5314; or Linda Lang at 882-6674.


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