Project would create garden for children at library

Carson City Library will soon be the site of its own Secret Garden.

In keeping with the theme of the classic children's book, hope springs eternal. The project has been discussed since 2003 and careful tending has finally brought it near fruition.

A small plot of land next to the building, visible through windows next to the entrance leading to the children's section of the library, will be transformed into a garden area with a mural.

The site "will look at lot more alive than it does now," said Cory King, youth librarian, about the roughly 500 square feet of space between the outside of the library building and a fence with several big boulders. "And we'll be able to take the children outside in the summer for story times."

The mural would be 10 feet high and 20 feet wide, and designed in 14 pieces so it can be removed and placed in a different location if needed.

Local artist Terrill Ozawa will work with members of Carson High School's art club to create the mural. Ozawa has done a variety of rough sketches to illustrate some of the ideas suggested by local children. Students have also created some sketches.

A contest was held a couple of years ago allowed children ages 12 and younger to decide what they wanted the mural to depict, and they provided answers to questions. These are some of answers provided by the children who participated:

• What is your favorite thing about living in Nevada? "Snow."

• What do you think is the best symbol for Nevada? "Wild horses."

• What is your favorite thing to do in Nevada? "Bike riding."

Budgeted for the entire project is roughly $4,000, $3,500 in capital funds for a mural to be put on a city building and $500 in landscaping.

Along with tables and benches will be child-friendly plants and other greenery. Shade trees would help make the area more hospitable during the summer, though the budget likely allow for them, King said.

Landscape experts with the city and the University of Nevada, Reno, Cooperative Extension will assist in making the garden's overall look echo the color and design of the mural.

And, at least for now, children won't be able to get to it unless a library employee accompanies them because there is no entrance from the outside. Later, an entrance could be added with a trellis and sign, he said.

"I think it's going to be a great asset to Carson City," said Donna Curtis, chairwoman of the commission.

The project is scheduled to be ready in May or early June - if the capital fund money is released in time.

Contact the library to offer assistance in completing the project. Money, labor and items for the garden area are all welcome. Call King or Library Director Sara Jones at 887-2244 for details.

• Contact reporter Terri Harber at tharber or 882-2111, ext. 215.

You can help

Contact the library to offer assistance in completing the Secret Garden. Money, labor and items for the garden are all welcome. Call Cory King or Library Director Sara Jones at 887-2244 for details.


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