Making an impact on your game

Most golfers would like their ball striking to be more consistent. An effective way to achieve this is to fully understand club and body position at the most important position in the swing, the impact position.

At the point of impact the body is in a slightly different position than at the start of the swing. The hips have turned slightly to the left and the belt buckle is a little farther forward.

The left leg is straightening and the right knee has bent in towards the left. The right heel should be just off the ground. The shoulders and chest are still facing the ball with the shoulders parallel to the target line.

The posture and height should remain constant. The hands are slightly ahead of the ball and obviously the clubface is aiming at the target. Most of the weight is now on the front foot.

A great drill is to set yourself in the start position and swing the club back a few feet. Don't be too analytical at this point just do it.

From there swing to a point about a foot past the ball (try without the ball first). Stop the club and check the position of the club and body.

Practice swinging like this without the ball until you feel comfortable. Try at home using a mirror for reference. Once you are comfortable without the ball try the same drill with the ball. You should see that the ball is being driven forward.

This is somewhat technical and too much to think about in the full swing but with some practice you should feel more solid at impact and see the ball going a little longer and straighter.

Terry Gingell is the Empire Ranch Golf Course head golf professional. For one's golf needs, call Terry or general manager Keith, 885-2100.


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