Gibbons' political tactics don't play well in Nevada

Gov. Gibbons' conspiracy theory about the Democrats and the Wall Street Journal being in collusion to bring him down have made headlines not just in Nevada, but nationwide. Most recently, Keith Olbermann, on his nightly MSNBC show, named Gibbons his "worst person in the world" for his claims about a rumored Democratic pay-off of the Journal.

Actually, according to Gibbons, he was only responding to a rumor he'd heard from others. And who started the rumor? Well, he's not saying, and until he does, it's open to speculation. And, to be responsible, we must state that we don't believe there's any truth to the rumor that it came from within the Gibbons camp as a way to make himself appear a victim of those ruthless Democrats and that notoriously liberal newspaper (sorry, we can't tell you where that rumor came from).

Some may be asking how a leathered politician like Gibbons can make such dramatic missteps here in Nevada. But actually he's only discovering that Washington political tactics don't play well in the Silver State. In D.C., the GOP could throw out such accusations and then shield itself from accountability behind the brute strength of the party team.

The trouble is Gibbons left those blockers in Washington, and there aren't a lot of people leaping to his defense back home. It is his own actions and words that have gotten him into this mess but, unfortunately, it is only an FBI investigation into accusations that he accepted gifts from a government contractor that can get him out.

But maybe something good can come out of this. Gibbons may only be a few conspiracy theories and national headlines short of becoming a tourist attraction for the capital city.


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