McPherson back in the hospital

Lyon County Commissioner Larry McPherson is back in the hospital after experiencing symptoms similar to those that first sent him to Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center.

On Wednesday, he was taken to the hospital after experiencing difficulty speaking, and was told he suffered a TIA, or a transient ishemic attack.

McPherson was discharged Thursday afternoon, but was back Friday morning after a recurrence of symptoms.

His wife, Nancy, said McPherson would be undergoing tests to find a possible blood clot, which, she said, is what his doctors believe caused the TIA.

"The TIA is a mini-stroke, and this morning he had another one," she said. "It wasn't as bad as Wednesday, but we weren't messing around."

He had an MRI on Friday.

"What they figure it is, he has a clot somewhere that is throwing off little flakes, and the flakes are causing the TIA," she said. "These flakes indicate there's something bigger."

Nancy McPherson said he would be given blood-thinning medication and will remain in the hospital possibly through the weekend to regulate the medication.

"He's feeling good, and the doctor told him he had to talk a lot, to practice," she said.

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