Letters to the editor

Time has come to recall Senator Reid

Harry Reid might have been elected by the people of Nevada, but he no longer represents our best interests. Now that he is the Senate Majority Leader, he is taking his "marching orders" from Howard Dean and the DNC. His priorities are to embarrass George Bush and to ensure a Democratic presidential victory in 2008, regardless of the cost to our country, our soldiers, or our future national security. He is nothing more than a party hack, and he should be recalled.

Don Maxwell

Carson City

Abortion ruling will be remembered in 2008

It is a very disturbing decision by the Supreme Court that recently voted to reverse a 30-year precedent on a woman's right to have an abortion. A woman's health is no longer an issue when determining the right to make a personal or medical decision to have an abortion.

This administration has packed the Supreme Court with his narrow minded, right wing conservatives who think they have the right to dictate what women and their doctors must do.

The decision by this court was a political one that favors whatever Bush and company wants.

Women still have a voice and will speak out at the ballot box in 2008.

Patricia Thomas

Carson City

Column touched the hearts of grandparents

Thank you, John DiMambro, for the wonderful gift you gave us on Easter Sunday, namely the heart wrenching article you wrote about our granddaughter, Emma, and the "Real Heroes" honored by the Red Cross.

As we read the article with tears streaming down our cheeks, we realized that you, after seeing a 60-second video of her, described in the most touching way the light and love in her. We have had the pleasure and joy to be the recipients of her ever increasing love since she was born. Although we have eight other grandchildren that we love without end, Emma has what we believe to be a God-given ability to reach into everyone's heart and make it, as you said, "bleed."

You, by writing such a "perfectly" descriptive article, have honored our Emma and made an Easter to remember. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Larry and

Sharron Brewer

Carson City

Douglas senior center proposal could pass

The editorial of April 15 on the Growth Cap in Douglas County was filled with many great points. You did not mention that the money (builders, etc.) will draw the issue back into courts. The county commissioners are not dumb and know that they do not have to change their ways because big money will get injunctions and tie this issue up in the courts.

The editorial lost its perspective by saying the voters turned down the senior center. That is at best a quarter truth. The commissioners, in their unparalleled wisdom, threw in three other tax related items, which the editorial did not mention, thus making the issue so complicated nobody fully understood the proposition. If the commissioners would just get serious and develop a stand-alone senior center proposal, I am confident it would pass with a wide margin. It seems they either don't want the senior center, or are too inept to do that job.

Sam Batdorf


Real ID represents government intrusion

Looking back I seem to remember that I had to bring my certified birth certificate with me when I applied for my learners permit. This same document was then used to issue my drivers license. So now what does my government want? Oh, I see, a background check.

The U.S. government has wanted a national I.D. system for years. You must secure a Social Security number for your newborn before you can claim he or she as a deduction on your federal taxes!

The good people have complied with the fed's whims without too much resistance, so far. How many freedoms must we relinquish to this runaway system?

The very same people, illegal or not, that don't comply now, will not comply regardless of any new law that Congress passes. The powers that be cannot even enforce the thousands of laws already on the books.

Why do we need this intrusion?

They have even brought the banks into the equation, no "Real I.D.," no loan. Maybe no checking account, credit cards, savings account?

What's next?

Let's stay inside, lock our doors, as we are safe in our own homes.

"A man's home is his castle" - Right?

We are secure in our homes - Or not!

Larry Dobson

Carson City

Be aware of people who hurt animals

On April 12, my husband found two four-inch darts in two of our horses. Apparently these kind of darts are not unusual in this area, according to the sheriff's office. Some kids go to the beach or on vacation for spring break. Others find their entertainment by shooting darts into horses. Probably dogs and cats, too, and who knows what else?

I am writing this to alert all animals owners that this danger exists and is probably more widely known than I realized until it happened to our animals. This kind of mischief should not be tolerated by anyone, and the culprits will be caught, believe it! Those who enjoy hurting animals are just one step away from hurting people. As a community we must do whatever we can to catch these individuals. They could be your neighbors too. Whatever happened to the Fernley we used to love and enjoy?

J. Gayle Kretschmer


Sea water is solution to Vegas water problem

In the April 18 Nevada Appeal "Our Opinion" column, this question was asked: "Yet what is the permanent solution to the Las Vegas water problem?" The answer is desalination of sea water. The state water engineer, the Southern Water Authority and the governor are all aware of this because I have written them letters suggesting that something be done to bring desalinized water to Nevada. The $2 billion the Southern Water Authority wants to spend on a temporary solution would go a long way on getting such a program started. Over 97 percent of the world's water supply is in the oceans. Why the politicians in Nevada don't have the will to try and tap this resource is the real question. If the people of Nevada want sufficient water in the future they will have to pay the price. Considering the time required to obtain sites, rights of way, build plants and pipelines it is probably already too late to avoid a crisis.

Donald W. Cunningham

Carson City

Open letter to Dina Titus

Dear Senator: I am 72 years of age and have had many linguistic experiences beginning with my grade school days in the hard coal region of Pennsylvania. When I went to grade school, over half of my classmates were non-English speaking children. However, they came from a multitude of countries: Poland, Russia, Italy, Sicily, Syria, Germany, France and many others. Most of their grandparents were too old to learn a new language, and their parents struggled with the new country, the new traditions, and the new way of life. No one thought about "English as a second language." Our school classes were taught in English only, and by the end of their first year these kids could read, write and understand English quite well, thank you.

When I was about 45 years of age I made my first trip to Tahiti. I spent two weeks a year in a small native village on an outer island. No one spoke English, so I had to learn Tahitian (a Polynesian dialect). Over the course of three or four years of these two week visits I became quite conversant in the language. The Tahitians all spoke two languages, French (which was the only language spoken in their schools) and Tahitian, which they spoke at home. The Chinese living in Tahiti, who were shop owners, all spoke at least four languages: French (the language of French Polynesia), Tahitian (the language of the Maohi's - the native people), Chinese (at least their dialect of it, which is Haka), and English (so they could sell their goods to the American tourists).

I have long felt that "English as a second language" has a three-fold purpose. First is to grant more pay to a bilingual teacher, second is to take the teaching burden off of the English-only speaking teachers, and finally, to cater to the Hispanic immigrants. Having been through many experiences of language immersion, I can tell you first hand that it works - if you want it to.

Thank you for reading this long letter and I hope you will change your mind on your vote.

J.R. Williams

Carson City

Bill would send Nevada money to California

Taxes raised in Nevada will be paid to California if a bill passed by the Nevada Senate Tax Committee becomes law this year. Under SB94, Transient Occupancy Tax will be increased from 10 percent to 12 percent for the Stateline casinos, and most of the increase will be given to the city of South Lake Tahoe to help fund a convention center.

Yet Nevada residents who work in California already pay California income tax and Nevada residents who work in California and use their car to get to work pay an annual commuter tax to California. These are examples of taxation without representation, an inequitable situation. Douglas County voters did not have an opportunity to vote on the tax increase or its donation to another state.

Many people in Douglas County previously lived in California, and they relocated partly because of the California tax structure. Stateline casinos already have concert and convention venues, and these are not fully utilized. Nevada would lose its 10 percent entertainment tax if concerts are held out of state.

Tourists should be encouraged to visit Lake Tahoe, not burdened with yet more taxes. South Lake Tahoe has a bad fiscal record, e.g. the parking garage in Heavenly Village, where the revenue does not even service the interest on the bond.

Vail, dependent on skiing and tourists like Tahoe, is negotiating with a private Texas developer to build a smaller convention facility, and the developer is pledging to cover any convention center losses. Vail voters said 'No' to funding a convention center by increasing room tax.

Call your representatives and let them know that you do not support this measure, or go to www.leg.state.nv.us/74th/opinions/Poll/ and vote against SB94.

Janet Marlborough

Zephyr Cove

Advice for the mayor

Please advise Mayor Marv Texiera to purchase, and wear, a bicycle helmet.

Donna Hataway

Carson City


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