Carson City popping up on some favorable lists

Carson City is beginning to get noticed, and for the right reasons.

The latest example was a list naming us one of the top metro areas for retail growth. Before that, our city made a Business Week list as one of the top emerging arts communities in the nation, where we were behind only Los Angeles and Santa Fe and one spot ahead of New York City. Last year, True West magazine put us on its watch list as a top Western town and hinted that completion of the V&T Railroad would cement our spot on that list for good.

Those three lists seem to suggest Carson City is a hidden jewel only now being discovered.

We can already hear the snickering from those who would point out the energy the city is having to put into solving problems like meth and gangs, not to mention just finding enough money to pay the bills. If you listen only to them, you'd think Carson City is a crime-ridden city in decline.

Neither is completely true or completely false.

Those lists that featured Carson City were based on real data, including statistics on new retail startups and density of artistic establishments. We've got historic and scenic assets that other communities can only dream about.

But our problems are real, too, and have enough weight to undermine all the positive things that are happening here.

The reality is that Carson City is at a crossroads. The right path can help us gain control of our societal problems, give us safe neighborhoods and a vibrant and accessible downtown and make this the paradise those lists suggest.


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