Now is the time to prepare for your big game hunts

The Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) is reminding hunters that even though the deadline for the 2007 big game drawing has now come and gone, this is no time to sit back and relax.

While waiting for the drawing results to be made public in mid- June, hunters should begin their preparation for their hunting season now.

This is the time for hunters to inspect their gear and repair or replace it.

With cool mornings still upon us, experienced and novice hunters alike should make regular trips to the shooting range and practice their marksmanship.

Outdoorsmen who wait too long can find themselves squeezing in just one or two trips to the range before their season gets underway.

Friends and family can partake in the overall hunting experience by helping in the hunt planning process. They should know where you are going anyway. This planning process is a good chance for hunters to get to know members of their hunting party, and if there are any new individuals, allows them to practice firearm safety together before going in the field.

Even if you used it just last year, carefully inspect your gear to make sure it will still do what you bought it to do.

And don't forget the optics. Binoculars and scopes should be cleaned and tested before the hunting season gets too close.

Check firearms and bows to see if they are in good operating condition.

Inspecting and testing equipment now will allow you enough time to replace or repair any equipment that may need attention.

Too many hunters wait until the week before their hunt and then make a mad dash to the range, or try on those curled up, dust-covered boots and ripped out pants that were long forgotten.

Results of the first draw should be posted by June 15, 2007 at NDOW offices and on the web at

By then your gear should be ready to use and scouting your selected hunt area should be on the agenda.

Practice at the range will leave you knowing what you are capable of and make determining areas to hunt a little easier.

If you are an unlucky applicant during the first draw there may be tags left over for a second draw. If so, that application deadline will be July 2, 2007.

For information, call the Nevada Department of Wildlife at 688-1500.


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