Student utilizes spiritual gifts for church education

Tara Reimann is majoring in theology and psychology at Concordia University in Chicago.

To complete her studies and receive certification, she is fulfilling a one-year paid internship as director of Christian education at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Carson City.

Reimann, 23, knows she has spiritual gifts and talents. She also has a passion for family ministry.

As the church intern, "I'm basically Pastor's sidekick," Reimann said. "My role is simply to support Rev. Deterding."

Reimann said she was officially introduced to the congregation by Deterding Jan. 14 with a blessing. So far, she has observed activities at the church and witnessed Deterding teach catechism.

"I'm getting to know the members as well as the kids who attend," she said. "I'm outgoing, a good self-starter, and I'm good with high school students. I really love working with youth."

Reimann said she recently went shopping with one of the youths and her mom.

"It was fun. I like just hanging with them. And I do home visits with families. I make myself available to them."

Reimann comes from a strong, faith-based family in Dublin, Ohio. Her father, David, is pastor at St. John Lutheran Church in Dublin; her mother, Mary Jo, is a public school teacher; older sister Kim is a preschool director at a church in Michigan; younger brother Tim is a sophomore at Concordia University in Ann Arbor, Mich.; and younger sister Malia is thinking about working in the mission field.

"I have a good support system," Reimann said. "We're all each other's best friends. That's what family is all about."

She said her father and brother are "brilliant musicians."

"My brother plays piano, and my dad plays organ. I like to brag about my family. We're very close."

The Lutheran church, Missouri Synod, does not allow women to serve as ministers. They also cannot give communion, baptize, or preach, but may hold other positions of authority as long as the offices do not involve the distinct functions of the pastoral office.

Reimann said she does not feel it unusual for females to be in this line of work.

"It's not odd at all. I feel it's terrific females are called to do God's work. I love what I do, and know it's God's work, not my work. I'm a witnessing tool - I have to serve Him. Deep down my faith is secure. I've given God my complete control.

"My goal, my career - I don't have an answer for that. I don't know what God's plan is for me. My personal goal, I'd like to be a mom. But it's not up to me. Ultimately it's up to God, and I'm OK with that. He knows better than I do."

When Reimann's internship is complete, an assignment may take her anywhere in the United States. She said there is a big demand for Christian education directors.

"I shouldn't have to wait too long for a call."

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