You've been told to dress in layers when skiing or snowboarding.

• The first layer is long underwear, top and bottoms. Old "long-johns" made out of cotton, wool or flannel will not keep you comfortable. Silks or under-layers that wick perspiration away from your body and eliminate the clammy feeling are excellent

• Some choose to wear a fleece layer under their ski jacket. This layer isn't a must, but it will keep you warm on days that are especially cold or windy. A wool sweater can go on here as well.

• A ski jacket and windproof ski pants are your most important layer. A ski jacket will protect you from the elements. The two styles are insulated jackets and shell jackets. Insulated jackets will not only shield you from wind, snow, and rain, but they will keep you warm. Shell jackets will shield you from harsh elements, but they are not insulated so they will not keep you as warm as insulated jackets. Ski pants are also available in insulated or shell styles.

• Ski goggles will keep the sun and snow out of your eyes. Your hands will need mittens or gloves, and your head will need a hat or a helmet. Most body heat is lost through your head.


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