Pro Picks Challenge final standings

Final standings

Plaza team 255-257

Appeal team 248-264

Station team 245-267

Darrell Moody

Last week/season 6-10/122-134

Best bet 6-11/New Orleans

James Baker

Last week/season 10-6/131-125

Best bet 7-10/Pittsburgh

Charles Whisnand

Last week/season 7-9/126-130

Best bet 6-11/New England

Jeff Loflin

Last week/season 8-8/124-132

Best bet 5-12/Cincinnati

Teri Gray

Last week/season 8-8/124-132

Best bet 9-8/Jacksonville

John Riordan

Last week/season 10-6/123-133

Best bet 8-9/Chicago

Editor's Note: Jeff Loflin and James Baker are from the Pinon Plaza, Charles Whisnand and Darrell Moody are from the Nevada Appeal and John Riordan and Teri Gray are from the Carson Station.


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