Meth problem worth all the attention it receives

It's possible that nobody you know uses meth, but that doesn't mean the drug isn't affecting your life.

As law enforcement officers have learned over and over, the highly addictive drug is at the root of much of the crime that occurs in Northern Nevada. Our state leads the nation in the percentage of people who have used the drug in their lifetimes. And meth is such an addictive drug that frequently all it takes is one hit to ruin a life.

No family is immune. In fact, tonight's half-hour program (on all Reno TV stations), "Crystal Darkness: Meth's Deadly Assault on Nevada's Youth," will feature Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong and his adult daughter, Kendra, who fell victim to meth and is now recovering.

Meth saps the promise out of people's lives and makes them slaves to addiction, willing to do nearly anything to get their next hit. It makes people who would normally be living productive lives and raising healthy families a burden on the rest of us. We're paying the costs of incarcerating meth users and, sadly, frequently their children who get caught in the same self-destructive pattern.

It is for those reasons that Gov. Jim and first lady Dawn Gibbons are making the meth problem one of their highest priorities, and we applaud them for that.

Tonight's program, which airs at 7:30, won't solve the meth problem. That won't happen until all of us understand what we're dealing with and equip ourselves with the tools to protect our loved ones from its grasp.

And that's the value of this program.

So make a pizza or some popcorn and drag your kids into the living room tonight to watch. Afterward, talk about it, no matter how uncomfortable it is. It's one way you can help ensure one of your family members does not become meth's next victim.


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