More deaths recorded in Carson in '06

There were 66 more people who died in Carson City in 2006 than in 2005, according to numbers released Monday by the sheriff's department.

From Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, the Carson City Coroner's Office was called on 723 deaths. In 2005, the office handled 657 death calls.

Of those 723 deaths, the coroner responded to and handled 324 cases.

Autopsies were ordered for 32 of those.

The statistics indicate that within the city limits six people died in automobile accidents, one person died from a fall, and five people overdosed.

The coroner's office also handled 173 hospice deaths, eight suicides and three cases listed on the death certificates as homicides - a shooting on River Road that claimed the life of a Dayton teen, the death of a baby from a skull fracture in which no arrests have been made and the April execution of convicted-murderer Daryl Mack at the Nevada State Prison.

Sheriff Kenny Furlong noted a Halloween-party shooting on Longridge Drive is not reflected in the numbers because the victim died at a Reno hospital.

The numbers are part of a yearly report filed by Coroner Ruth Beseler.


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