Helen Wiemer returns to 'home away from home'

Helen Wiemer has picked up where she left off several years ago in her employment.

She has returned as mansion coordinator for Governor Jim and first lady Dawn Gibbons.

"When I stepped in here, when I came back, it was like I was never gone," Wiemer said. "It was a great feeling. Dawn Gibbons was so welcoming."

Wiemer's job is to take care of anything that has to do with the mansion. Tours, banquets in the Nevada Room, personal dinners, public events and groundskeeping.

"I make sure the property is well maintained," Wiemer said, dressed neatly in a white blouse, gray skirt and matching jacket.

"This is such a beautiful home. We all want to keep it beautiful for everyone to see."

Wiemer was hired by former Gov. Bob Miller and his wife, Sandy, after being voted into office. She stayed throughout Miller's two, four-year terms and was with the Guinns for four years. She looks forward to her time with the Gibbonses.

"Dawn is a very active and loving person," Wiemer said. "And how I feel about a job is, if you don't like it and aren't having fun, then move on. I really don't care how many hours I work if I love the job.

"I love it here. I think I was born running. The hours are long, but it's fun. And Dawn's chief of staff, Ande Engleman, is pleasant to work with."

Wiemer said she also enjoys mingling with the celebrities invited to the mansion. She fondly recalls a visit by former San Francisco quarterback Joe Montana.

"He was very nice," she said. "He was here for the Wolfpack's big fundraiser. And before him was Jon Gruden (former Oakland Raiders head coach). And there was Wayne Newton and Robert Goulet, and Anwar Sadat's widow (Dr. Jehan Sadat). There's really never a dull moment here."

Wiemer's priority is to be sure everything runs smoothly. She has an assistant this time around, Sherri Gadbois.

"I want everybody who visits the mansion to enjoy themselves and look forward to going back," Wiemer said.

"And I don't care how they vote. The Nevada Room is open to everyone."

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